Available courses

Course image UAE Labour Law Course
Category 1

The UAE Labour Law course provides a comprehensive overview of the legal framework governing employment relationships in the United Arab Emirates. Participants will learn about key aspects such as employment contracts, working hours, wages, and termination procedures. The course also covers the rights and obligations of both employers and employees, as well as the legal mechanisms for resolving disputes. This course is essential for HR professionals, business owners, and anyone involved in managing or advising on employment matters in the UAE.

Course image UAE Corporate Tax Course
Category 1

Unlock the complexities of corporate taxation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with our comprehensive course designed for finance professionals, tax practitioners, and business leaders. Delve into the unique landscape of UAE corporate tax regulations, gaining a deep understanding of compliance, planning strategies, and recent updates.

Key Topics:

  1. Introduction to UAE Corporate Taxation:

    • Historical context and evolution
    • Overview of the current tax framework
  2. Taxable Entities and Residency Criteria:

    • Identification of taxable entities
    • Residency determination for corporate entities
  3. Taxable Income and Exemptions:

    • Calculation of taxable income
    • Identification and application of exemptions
  4. Tax Compliance and Reporting:

    • Filing requirements and deadlines
    • Documentation and record-keeping obligations
  5. Tax Planning and Optimization:

    • Strategies for minimizing tax liabilities
    • Legal avenues for tax optimization
  6. VAT (Value Added Tax) Integration:

    • Interaction between corporate tax and VAT
    • Ensuring compliance with VAT regulations
  7. Recent Developments and Case Studies:

    • Updates to UAE corporate tax laws
    • Analysis of recent tax cases and their implications

Course image Transfer Pricing Course
Category 1

This comprehensive course on Transfer Pricing provides an in-depth exploration of the principles, regulations, and practical implications of transfer pricing in the context of global business operations. Transfer pricing is a critical aspect of international taxation, influencing the profitability and compliance of multinational enterprises. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the arm's length principle, documentation requirements, and the latest developments in transfer pricing regulations worldwide.